Trademark Sign

What It Means To Have A Trademark Sign

There are actually basically about three different categories of Trademark signs. Depending on what you’re planning on using it for with your business you any one of these may be an appropriate. Here is some information to get you started down the right direction for learning what you need to about trademark signs.

Unregistered Trademark Signs vs. Those That Are Registered

There are some companies or businesses that use symbols and signs that are unregistered in order to promote new products that they are offering. They usually denote this with a symbol or denotation of ™. Some of the downsides to going this route are that the trademark sign is unprotected and therefore other companies can end up using it at will. You won’t be able to have some of the laws or legal implications on your side but you will be able to start promoting. When a company uses (sm) they are denoting a trademark sign for a service symbol. A registered trademark symbol is the capital R with a circle around it. When your company takes the time to register its mark there will be ways that they can easily protect their business from being infringed upon in the areas of their marks.

History Behind Trademark Signs

Very little people know that trademark signs and symbols have been being used since Roman Times. When they made their swords as early as 500BC they engraved SPQR on each and every Roman sword. But there were some trademark symbols that were even older. In Great Britain there was the Bass Red Triangle and was actually registered under the Act for trademark registration of 1875.

A Form Of Property

When a person starts learning about trademark signs and what they can do for their business and how good they are there are many different trivia bits they will learn. First of all, many are excited to find out that a trademark is considered a piece of property. This is because it goes through the proper channels for registration and licensing. This makes it a piece of property for a business to use as such and to sell if they need to. It’s important to know that in order to keep the rights to a trademark sign a company must keep using it. If it becomes inactive for more than five years there is a cancellation for the registration and another company will be able to use it at will.

Don’t Be Put Off

It is very easy in the world of business, especially to get caught up in only doing what you easily know how to do. It is important that you decide to be a little more precocious if you want to be successful with your company. This means don’t be put off by the amount of new things you will need to learn to get your trademark up and running. The paper work isn’t that difficult and it is extremely easy to find professionals that are able to advise you with whatever your needs are.